Policy Research topic ( Netherlands comparison to Canada in the benefit of Marijuana legalization)

Policy Research Paper (due Wednesday December 1)
The purpose of the policy research paper is to help you to think concretely about the challenges 
faced by states, intergovernmental organizations and non-governmental organizations in the 
global political economy. The book review introduced you to the way that literature in the 
interdisciplinary field of IPE interacts; this paper asks you to think about how theoretical 
knowledge applies to the real world.
Choose a policy area from the issues discussed in class and define a specific policy issue 
that you have chosen for deeper analysis. For example, if you were interested in 
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development, or global gender issues, you might choose to look at the policies of a 
country, or the work of an intergovernmental institution.  
Describe the policy area and specific issue you have chosen to analyze.  For example, 
you may choose to give a little historical overview, or in some way describe why the issue
area you’ve chosen is timely and relevant.  
Examine recent changes in the policy environment to contextualize your discussion.  For 
example, answer the question, why discuss this policy issue now? Has there been a 
political or economic development that makes your discussion particularly relevant?
Critically analyze recent policy decisions in this area.  Your analysis should be 
prescriptive as well as descriptive.  For example, have recent policy changes been good 
or bad? What are the possible outcomes of these policy changes?  How should 
government and/or intergovernmental policy in this area be changed if you think it is the 
wrong policy?  If you think it is the right policy, how could it be improved?