Political Reflection One

Important: There is only one rule in this assignment; no one can use the following words to describe themselves (conservative, liberal, republican, democrat, libertarian, or moderate).

Step One: Think about your political beliefs. Suppose you were to describe your beliefs to someone what would be the top five core political beliefs. These beliefs will be different for each person; once you have your top five core beliefs, think about how these five core beliefs developed. Who or what influenced these beliefs in your life, and how did they help you develop those beliefs. 
Examples of influences could be events, people, organizations, personal life choices, family, or outside circumstances. 
Step Two: Take the five core political beliefs you have chosen and find images that best reflect those beliefs. After you have the images collected and placed in a word document, you will reflect on the picture and its meaning from step one. The reflection should include a description of the belief and the socialization process, who or what influenced you to hold this belief(step one information). 
(One paragraph per core belief, 5-6 sentences in length)