Political Socialization- Pick from the listed Topics

Step 1: Background InformationReview the textbook chapter and video listed below. Pay attention to the agents of socialization and how they influence individuals.1. Chapter 6: Public Opinion. Pay special attention to 6.1 Socialization and Agents of Socialization.2. Socialization Crash Course Sociology 

Step 2: Select your TopicChoose 2 political issues of special importance to you. These can be any political issues (gun rights, abortion, immigration reform, welfare, etc). 

 Step 3 Analyze and EvaluateAfter choosing your 2 issues, make connections where and how agents of socialization influenced your current perspective on them. Consider two or three of the following agents of socialization: Family Schools Peers Mass Media Work Demographic StatusThink About: 1. What influenced you? 2. Do you know why you believe the way you believe? 3. Review at the agents of socialization in Chapter 6 and evaluate the impact these had on your current perspective of the issues you selected. 

Step 4 Write the PaperThe paper will actually be 2 separate essays, each about a page in length. Each essay will be composed of three parts (paragraphs):Part 1: State the first issue and its importance to you. DO NOT defend your position, just what your current perspective is on the issue. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and this paper is not about those beliefs but their origins. Part 2: State which agents of socialization have most influenced your perspective on the issue. You should use two or three agents. How did they impact your understanding of the issue?Part 3: Answer, and explain your answer to the following question: If these agents of socialization wereabsent in my life, would I have the same perspective on the issue?