Post a description of what has made for successful group experiences

In the upcoming module, you will be working in a group of your choice, where you will provide helpful feedback and share ideas. Providing feedback and sharing ideas is a consultation skill that is required of school counselors. Group consultation experiences are also wonderful opportunities to learn essential skills of collaboration and incorporating feedback from colleagues, as well as being supportive of each other. To be positive and helpful, group experiences should be intentional and planned. For this Discussion, you will reflect on any group experiences in which you have participated in order to describe what elements made the experience successful. For example, maybe it was successful because the group treated each other with courtesy and respect, or the group had a clearly defined mission that everyone supported.
To prepare for the Discussion:

Review this week’s Learning Resources
Reflect on successful group experiences in which you have participate

Post a description of what has made for successful group experiences for you. Then. share which ASCA ethical codes and SOC Professional Dispositions you think will be important for you to use while you are working with others in groups for this class.
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