Powerpoint Presentation

Prepare PowerPoint slides to accompany your eight-minute video presentation; you can safely assume your audience will be a friendly audience (Figure 12.2). Your presentation can be about ANYTHING you choose.  I recommend you choose a topic you are already knowledgeable about and/or are passionate about.  You are welcome to re-purpose slides/presentation you created for another class or for work, but it must be YOUR work.  Read Chapter 12 paying careful attention to pages 371 – 379, page 364, and Figures 12.2, 12.4, 12.9, 12.10, 12.11, and 12.12.  Apply content learned from Chapter 12 by following these guidelines:
Incorporate visual appeal and make sure everything is readable at a glance. Your slides should have visual appeal, but you don’t have to incorporate something on every slide.  Fonts used on images you include should be readable at a glance, and there should be appropriate contrast between your content and the background.
Prepare a minimum of eight slides: 

Title slide.  Capitalize all major words and make sure to include your name.
Overview slide.   This slide should show your audience the main points your presentation will cover in concise bulleted form.  Your conclusion and citation slides are NOT main points and should not be listed on the overview slide.  It would be great to use parallelism on this slide, but sometimes that’s difficult to do so it won’t be assessed on this slide. 
Written content slide (minimum of 4).  Content slide titles should be titled similar to the corresponding main point on the overview slide and should follow the order shown on your overview slide.  
Conclusion slide followed with citation slide.      The conclusion slide may repeat main points from the overview or show a take away point(s).  

Follow the 6×6 rule.  This is a big one!  These slides are going to accompany your video presentation; therefore, there should be *no more than six words per bulleted point and no more than six bullets per slide.  I DO count the words, and using seven words isn’t close enough because I’m assessing your ability to follow requirements and be concise.  ONLY one slide may be an exception to the 6×6 rule, but only to incorporate a quote or a definition on a separate slide; even then you should still strive to keep it short.  When counting the words per bulleted point,  consider that names such as The New York Times counts as one word because it’s one thing.
Use parallelism. This is a big one; review pages 72 – 73 first!  Bulleted points should have a common ring to them (aka  balance) on your content slides.
Proofread and be consistent. Use proper punctuation, grammar, capitalization, and spelling.  Check for typos and odd spaces.  Follow the same style throughout.  Be consistent with capitalization of slide titles and with content in bulleted points.  Be consistent with use of end punctuation or no end punctuation of bullet points.