Presentation notes

Task 1 – presentation
Your ability to use the concepts and tools of strategic analysis in a competent fashion,l The depth of supporting arguments,l The degree of preparation, professionalism, energy, enthusiasm and skills demonstrated in
delivering the presentation,l Your ability to answer questions after the presentation.

Internal analysis
In this section you should outline what you think are the main strengths and weaknesses of the organization. As with the external analysis, you need to try to identify and explain the main issues, rather than list a wide variety of factors. You should explain what resources and capabilities contribute to a competitive advantage of the company. Relevant information should support your analysis from the case study, a company’s website and the media.
The format of the report should be as follows:Executive summary (objectives, method, limitations and findings of the report – one page only, no bullet points; no repetition of the introduction).
The report should be prepared in a professional manner. This means that the papers should be concise, incisive, and literate and include appropriate supporting tables, charts, and exhibits. There must be clear evidence of consultation of academic literature – at least 5 academic journals articles, two books and three web sites must be used, and appropriately referenced in accordance with the Chicago referencing guide.