Press Release Draft

Press Release Assignment
After watching the press release and interview videos, youll need to go and conduct your own interview and write up your own press release.
Here is the link:

Identify an upcoming event that takes place in a city thats NOT Lincoln. It can be anywhere in the USA. Make sure that this event has some way to contact the people putting on the event (email, phone, etc.).
Come up with a list of 10 questions that you can ask in a 10-minute phone interview.

Make sure that your questions include the information you NEED to know, but that most of your questions searching for INSIGHT (see this weeks video).

Call up someone and ask them the questions. You really need to call/Zoom them versus something aysnchrounous like email. Write down their answers
Write up the story as a press release publishing the event. This should be 4 paragraphs and include a headline. You should have at least 3 INSIGHTFUL quotes in the piece. Follow all the other conventions of journalism writing for this.