Prevention and long lasting health by Arichardson

Chemistry is the mother of science, it covers everything happening around as well as in our body. Chemistry has vital impact on ongoing drug, disease & health research. Writing a review article would give you an unlimited understanding of application of chemistry in your own life and cutting edge research of human health and disease. I have selected list of ongoing scientific research, please select one that matches best with your interest.
Writing Procedure
Ø  You will choose a topic from the list of topics below
Ø  Study on the topic from the scientific journal search option in Lancet, Pubmed/NCBI/NIH or others.
Ø  Please follow sample papers posted under the ‘File’ in the course canvas to know how should you structure your article
Ø  In your article every paragraph should have bolded heading and in every paragraph, every item should be sectioned out with bolded heading. (Please see the sample article for that)
Ø  There is no limit for the length of your write up but it has to be minimum 5 pages, you can choose any front size or space you like.
Ø  References should be mentioned using order number inside the content as well as at the end  of article by using any scientific format like APA or MLA at the end of your article (Please follow sample papers)
 You may use these two link to convert right format of your citation

Ø  As you are writing review article you are allowed to copy contents from the related articles, resources from any scientist, nutritionist, Doctor of Medicine (MD), Functional medicine or Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) . However, you must personalize/rephrase the contents after copying from any similar articles otherwise it will be counted as plagiarism and graded zero.
Ø Your article should be well explained with necessary image. Images of the article could be from your own or non copyright sources. (Again image has to be from the corresponding article and non copyright sources to avoid plagiarism)
Ø  After completion of your write up, Please show me in one on one meeting through zoom meeting.
Ø  Please submit your final paper as word-doc file in the designated folder under canvas.
Ø  The paper must be submitted by the deadline in order to be graded.