Process to Accomplish

This section includes a brief
overview of the research procedures that will be used. In the overview a restatement
of the purpose of the student should be included in the introduction.
Specifically, the following format should be used for Process to Accomplish.


Research Design: the study’s design should be described. Citations
should be used to support the type of design and why this particular design has
been chosen. In this section, describe why you will do what you plan to do –
not what you will do. The “what you do” goes in data collection.


Participants: begin with the “big picture” of the research site.
Make certain the site is not specifically identified. Next, describe the
population for the study. The population would be those would fit the criteria
for participation. Finally, describe the study’s participants. In these
descriptions, make certain you include all demographic information so the
reader has a thorough understand of who is in the study.


Instruments: Give a thorough and complete description of each of
the instruments used in the study. The purpose of the instrument should be
identified.  The number of items and
types of items should be described.  The
authors and date of publication should be denoted.  Make certain to include a blank copy of the
instrument in an appendix and denote the appendix in text. Note: there will be
some instruments (i.e., standardized test) that cannot be placed in an


Collection: Delineate
in complete and thorough detail the the process to answer each RQ.  The first paragraph in this section should be
the process used to obtain informed consent. 


Data Analysis: Describe how the data
for each RQ will be analyzed. This section should be written in the past tense.

The Process to Accomplish
Worksheet will be critical to your completion of this section of Chapter 1.