Program Outcomes Retrospective Paper

Program Outcomes Retrospective Paper
A retrospective is a compilation of representative examples of work from a major part of persons life. As you complete your degree, this assignment provides the opportunity for you to look back over the milestone moments in your program and share significant events and learning which have contributed to your professional growth and practice.
Using the program outcomes as a framework, compose a Program Outcomes Retrospective Paper explaining how you have mastered each program outcome and how this experience has contributed to your overall lifes work. For each program outcome, use the capstone artifacts to provide concrete examples of these milestone moments in a well-developed, clear, and thorough rationale paragraph.
*Please craft at least one paragraph for each program outcome to address these questions.
Please subtitle the paragraph with the program outcome title.

In what ways do your artifacts support mastery of the program outcome?
How do your artifacts provide evidence of competency in this area?
Are any gaps evident?

Consider the following questions when addressing the conclusion to your paper:

How have you grown or developed during your enrollment in this program?
How has this program helped you in your personal growth?
How will your competency in the program outcome enhance your professional work?

A template for the Program Outcomes Retrospective Paper has been provided for you in Student Commons in the Capstone Experience Resources.
APA and Writing Checklist

Title page (Use title, authors name, authors institution, course prefix and number, course instructor name, and assignment due date.)
Title on first written page
Introduction paragraph
Use headings
Conclusion paragraph
References with doi# or url

Length: The double-spaced paper should be 8-10 pages in length.
Overall format:

Compose the paper in a Word document.
Leave a one-inch margin at the top, bottom, left, and right.
Use 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font.
Organize your paper with APA-formatted headings and sub-headings.
References: Follow APA format.