Project 2

Final Course Project: We have covered almost 150years of American literature and American Civil Rights. For this project youhave the freedom to explore any writer or time period/movement coveredin this class. I encourage you to revisit your journals for ideas.

The topic must be focused with a specific thesis.The topic must be on an author/time period/movement and two (2) pieces of writing we have read in this class. 
No more than 20% of the essay should be quotes and paraphrasing.
The focus must be on your own ideas, analysis, reactions to the writer or literature. A clear and focused thesis is required.
A 1400-1750 word essay is required. Please stay within the word count requirements.
Cite all sources in MLA Format. A works cited page and corresponding intext citations are required.
A minimum of three scholarly sources from the APUS library.
Well written and proofread.