Project Management

Subject is project management. This project is based off asimulation I completed. I will incorporate the simulation information in withthe information you provide. 7 pages minimum. At least 4 references required. Needsparagraphs structured as listed below:
1.     Introduction
2.     Key Decisions
     a.     Selecting contractors to perform work
     b.     Accepting or rejecting out of scope work
     c.      Handling vendor quality issues
3.     Lessons Learned
     a.     Successes
           i.     Communication
           ii.     Conflict management
     b.     Issues
          i.     Schedule Deadline
          ii.     Budget
     c.      Future Strategies
           i.     Schedule was most important in the scope. Focuson meeting schedule deadlines.
           ii.     Costs should come in right at or under budget
4.     Learning-curve theory benefits
     a.     Based on key decisions and lessons learned,explain how the learning-curve theory would benefit projects in the future
5.     Best Practices
     a.     3 best practices that can be applied to otherprojects
6.     Conclusion