Project part 2. valuation of your portfolio and companies and

Finish part 2 with the research in part 1.
Project Part 2. Valuation of your portfolio and companies and reevaluation based on any changes you have made in your portfolio.

Using the stocks in your initial portfolio, prepare a valuation of each stock and the initial portfolio using zero, constant or variable growth models with a market return at 8% and at 12%. [Note that the growth rate must be less than the required rate of return.] Make sure you list the date of the valuation and the closing share price of your firm’s stock. Each firm’s required rate of return will depend on its beta.
Is the stock of each of these companies over or undervalued?
What is the expected return using the CAPM model?
Prepare a time series ratio analysis (liquidity, activity, debt, and profitability). Identify any events during the period that may have caused the stocks’ prices to increase or decrease, explaining how these events affect the stocks’ prices.