Project Work Plan: Meeting Project Goals

Project Work Plan: Meeting Project GoalsComplete the template provided using the guiding questions/statements below.    Assess progress towards meeting the Project goals using the case study information as well as knowledge in field from self or trusted reference sources. In what ways is the Project on track?    What challenges did you need to address or plan to address as the Project develops?Assessment    What evidence (artifacts and data) have you collected that supports your assessment of progress?     How do you interpret this evidence? What is your analysis of the evidence? How does it influence your next steps?Next Steps: Project Revisions    Based upon your developing understanding of the Project Case study, do you need to make any revisions to the goals/objectives or to the process? Why or why not?    What are these revisions?    How will they impact your product or outcome?Your Learning (District/Self)    What are you learning about the work?    What are you learning about the district?    What are you learning about yourself as a leader?o    What has surprised you?o    What do you want to learn going forward?