Proofread/Edit/Enhancement of 2.5 Page Paper on William Wordsworth “The Two Part Prelude: Part I”

Your job is to proofread, perform a grammar and general edit, and clarify any unclear or poor word choice on my already written essay. The essay should be in MLA and cite by line number from the source( I have attached both my essay and the source work.) If I miscited something by using page number instead of line number please edit this too. See the original directions below:

The assignment for this paper was to complete a 2 page, double spaced, essay responding to two prompts below on William Wordsworth the two part prelude, only focusing on part I. The essay should be plagarism free, grammar error free, and should flow and make logical sense. Be sureto cite direct textual evidence often, not parantheical citations. Please use and cite from the editon of the text attached. 

The two prompts were: 
1. On a first reading, the poem may seem long and rambling, a mere effusion composed of nothing more than the poets scattered memories and recollections rendered in blank verse. A second reading, however, reveals certain recurring patterns and hints of order. How is the poem organized? What kinds of devices does Wordsworth rely on to organize it? Are there repeated motifs, images, words, associations, temporal markers that you detect? What is the thematic significance of these repetitions?
2. Close read and analyze the gibbet scene (I: 302-327). What is the point of this scene? How does it reveal the workings of the speakers mind, the growth of the mind? What does Wordsworth mean by the odd phrase visionary dreariness (l. 322)?