Provide a minimum of 5 Theories that attempt to define Juvenile Delinquency. Provide examples and with explanation.

The course Essay will be written in APA (7th edition) Format. The essay must have a MINIMUM of 5 pages of content. NOT to exceed 8 pages of content. The 5-8 pages of content DO NOT include the Cover Page, Abstract Page and Reference Page. The essay will be written in 12 point Font with one inch (1) margins, doubled spaced, Times Roman Script with the pages numbered.  The essay will have NO MORE than three (3) quoted or paraphrased passages/sections in the content/body portion of the essay.
    Cover Page
    Abstract Page
    The Body of the Paper (Content of the Page)
    The Reference Page.
The essay MUST have 5 scholarly research reference sources. (Wikipedia and are NOT scholarly research sources. The references MUST be titled and cited using APA (7th edition)