Provide responses for the following example:

Review information in the text concerning interviews, especially focusing on verbal responses to clients. Make certain you understand how each type of response is defined and how they differ.   Below are a number of statements typically made by clients. For each statement, discuss how to propose and write down examples of the different types of responses possible. Here is an example:

Example of client statement: Im so disgusted with my life!
Possible responses:
Simple encouragement: Mm-mm, please go on.
Rephrasing: Youre fed up with whats happening.
Reflective responding: It seems that you are upset.
Clarification: Do you mean that you dont like whats happening in your personal relationships?
Interpretation: Perhaps things are overwhelming you so that you feel trapped.
Providing information: I can refer you to someone who can talk to you about your problems and, hopefully, help you resolve them.
Emphasizing clients strengths: Its good that youre getting in touch with your feelings and have chosen to share them with me. Thats usually the first step in working problems out.
Self-disclosure: Sometimes, I feel pretty disgusted, too.
Summarization (granted, it is pretty hard to summarize one measly line, so feel free to make up a summary): So far weve discussed a number of your problems, including finances and relationships. Youve also indicated how disgusted you are at this point.
Eliciting informationClosed question: Have you just started to feel this way?
Eliciting informationOpen-ended question: What are your reasons for being so disgusted?

Provide responses for the following example: 

Client Statement #1: Im really worried about my mother.

Possible Responses:

Simple encouragement:
Eliciting Information: 

Write a sentence reflecting what may be possible responses to support, explore and gather necessary information from your client based on what they are worried about. A short sentence for each is acceptable.  In your response to 2 classmates, provide helpful feedback/suggestions or comments if you agree or not quite agree with the responses written.  DO NOT CRITICIZE!  Helpful feedback only.  This activity is help strengthen our abilities to practice skills.  Respond within 100 – 125 words.  Cite the book as well to strengthen your feedback.