Purpose:To be able to discuss the importance of dance for all of humanity as

Purpose:To be able to discuss the importance of dance for all of humanity as a form of social development, entertainment, and religious purposes Discuss the patterns of the role of dance throughout the major civilizations from Pre-historic man, to modern day society. Predict future dance trends by looking at past events. Recognize the connection between social movements and dance trends as art reflects life and vice versa. Skills: Recognize patterns in dance history Articulate relationships between social movements and dance Knowledge: Gain a better understanding and appreciation for the role of dance in the fabric of humanity. Be able to see the larger picture of dance globally. Task:Write a research paper discussing the importance and role of dance in the cultures mentioned in the book, or others if you so wish, from the birth of man to current trends. Describe how social factors impacted the dance culture of each mentioned time and either motivated the change or were shifted in response to the art form. Tell me whether you feel dance has an importance as not only an art form, but as a communal entity that keeps us together as humans. Based on dance history and the patterns of social dance trends, where do you see current dance trends shifting? Do you feel dance has a place in society today (why or why not)? Do you feel dance education is necessary in education (why or why not)? Make sure you back up your own opinions with research. So if you disagree with the last two bullets, I need you to site research to back up those claims. Requirements/ FormattingUse at least 5 other sources and cite them in either APA, Chicago, or MLA style (not a combination of all 3 please) At least 5 pages long. Times New Roman 12 pt font. Double Spaced. Word document. Please give it a creative title. Please use in-document citations as well. Must use at least 3 references that are NOT the textbook ( you may use the textbook of course, but please also use other books or articles. Consider the LIBRARY tab on the left navigation). Recommendations for SuccessCreate an outline before writing. Make sure there is an introduction paragraph, several paragraphs that have a clear structure and flow well, a conclusion paragraph. Use DATES and SPECIFIC examples, especially if you bring cultures and civilizations not mentioned into the book into the conversation of dance history. Double check that you have answered all the questions thoroughly, covering all of the major time periods/ civilizations discussed in the book. Proof read before submission

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