Qualitative Study

• Qualitative research project on leader-follower communication (ldr-flwr-rsrch)
Details: Locate three followers who report to different organizational leaders (three different leaders). Using qualitative in-depth interview methods and procedures, determine how followers want their to communicate with them — style, quantity, type, etc.  Write a research paper that presents the research question that answers what followers want from their leaders in regards to communication, the methods and procedures used, the data collected, the analysis of the data, and your general findings.
Your interviews MUST be conducted face-to-face or via phone or SKYPE.  
Your personal research MUST be supported by further academic research.  You can easily expect to have 6 or more external academic references.
Excellent research papers will include tables, charts, graphs or diagrams representing your findings.
Excellent research papers will include the interview questions among the items in the Appendices.

General notes about the Period 2 assignment:
1.  Cover page – your document must have a cover page.  See APA for how to handle this.
2.  Abstract – your document must have an Abstract.  See APA for how to handle this.
3.  Introduction – your document should have a clear introduction that sets up the document for the reader.  Telling the reader what the key thought of the document is, what you will cover, what they can expect to read and entices them to read on.
4.  Structure – Work on preparing outlines for yourselves.  How will you present what you are finding through your research?  What is important for the reader to know?  What did you discover?
5.  Conclusion – your document must have a clear conclusion.  Don’t introduce something new in the conclusion.  This is a summation and inspiration.
6.  Once you’ve written your paper, craft it.  Take time to review and revise.  I do NOT want to be the first other person to read your document.