Question Set:

All responses to questions in the question sets must be a minimum of four detailed sentences that include the following: 1) Topic sentence that clearly answers the question; 2) Secondary sentence(s) that elaborates, explains, or expands the topics sentence; 3) A specific example from the reading that illustrates the topic sentence; 4) Analysis sentence(s) that answers So What? Why? And How?

1. Explain a time you felt just in breaking a rule or value taught to you by your parents or other elders.

2. Why does Demian feel it’s so despicable that the “good thief” seek repentance?

3. How is it possible “to never do anything forbidden and still be an absolute scoundrel” (50)?

“Really, it’s just a question of comfort! Anyone too comfortable to think for himself and be his own judge simply obeys the laws as they are” (50).4. What does Demian mean by the word comfort?

“’Forbidden’ is not an eternal truth–it can change” (50)?5. To what extent is morality subjective and dynamic?

6. Hesse borrows heavily from Nietzsche’s ‘Ubermensch/Superman’ idea (see above video). How could that idea also be dangerous for a society, and how do you weigh the cons with the pros that Demian seems to be advocating for?

Once you have written your own post, write an engaging response to at least 2 classmates in this discussion. Responses to classmates must be at least 4 sentences in length in order to earn credit.