racism and death of George Floyd

Write a brief narrative about one of your experiences with racism and/or immigration in the United States. This paper should be about 500-1000 words. This assignment asks you to write a story from your life and does not require any research. 

Another way to approach this assignment is to remember a snapshot of your life (just one moment) and describe what happened, why it happened, and what it meant to you then and how you interpret it now.

Here is a list of some questions for brainstorming. You should not try to answer them all in your narrative, but one of these prompts may spark an idea for your story. 

What did you think about/remember/feel when you heard that George Floyd had been killed by Minneapolis police officers?  

When did you begin to form your opinions of police officers, the justice system, crime, or prisons?

Have you always embraced what people told you about race, class, immigration, and justice in America? Did anyone (or any town, city, or neighborhood) influence your opinions?

Have you ever had a positive or negative experience around race related to police officers, lawyers, school

administrators, teachers, or bosses?

How have you reacted to social expectations about your race and gender? How do those expectations

change in specific environments (e.g. in your family, with old/new friends, at different workplaces, at your

church/mosque/synagogue, in your neighborhood, etc.)

Or what might people who are not your race, gender, sexual orientation, cis/transgender status, or ethnicity envy about your experiences with police officers or the justice system?

How do your family members or friends talk about race? Or how do they talk about immigrants or refugees?

After you have answered several of these questions quickly, choose just one to explore more deeply.

The goals are:

1) to get you thinking about how racism and/or white supremacy have affected you

personally, which may help lead you toward an interesting research question; and

2) to get you started with writing in our class.

Audience: our class

(Rubric is also available on D2L)

Material ____/10 pts.

* Does the paper tell the story of at least one important event in the writer’s life?

* Is there analysis of how this event impacted the writer and his/her opinions on racism?

* Is there a controlling central idea or takeaway message in this paper?

* Does the writer use details show readers what happened? Use all five senses.

* Is there a beginning, middle, and closing to this essay?

Expression/Voice ____/5 pts.

* Does the voice within the paper help the material connect with our class (read aloud to confirm)?

(Avoid sarcasm and whining.)

* Are all words used correctly? Do the word choices enhance the meaning?

Correctness/Grammar ____/5 pts.

* Are all of the verbs in the correct tense?

* Are all sentences complete?

Research exercise #1 grade ____/20 pts.