Reaction Paper II: Print and the Problem of Journalism History

After you have accomplished the reading for the week and viewed the assigned videos, take a moment to think about the material, and how you see it as relevant to the realities of our time.
In your reaction to the reading provide a brief summery of key claims made in Part II of the Carey book (Intro to part II+chapter 4-5). You may also provide reference to the documentary film “Tell the Truth and Run with It.” (Pay close attention to the difference between news aggregation which is the bulk of what many bloggers and online news outlets actually do, and content production in the realm of the journalistic profession, which relates to the actual output of investigative reporting. Two VERY different things).
Be aware that the paper should not exceed 600 words in proper APA style format (not including title page and references). This means that you should seek to develop a discussion with a clear focus on the issues that you would like to address, and do so, with a clear voice that articulates your position.
The review should be concise and should integrate direct quotations from the text (no longer than one or two sentence quotes with formatted citations). Be sure to provide your perspective in relation to the area of the debate that you chose to address. Remember like last time, create an original title that can represent the focus of your work.

Media disruption: it is not journalism, it is advertising