reading reflection 3

Please write a reading reflection paper based on these 3 readings:
1. Hegel, G.W.F. (1988). Selection from the Philosophy of Right, in Introduction to the Philosophy of History, pp. 99-106.

2. Spencer, Herbert. (1864). Progress: Its Law and Cause. In Illustrations of Universal Progress: A Series of Discussions, pp. 1-16.

3. Kant, Immanuel. (2001). Ideal for a Universal History from a Cosmopolitan Point of View, in On History, Ed. Lewis White Beck, pp. 11-26.

Reading reflections will be scored with the following criteria:- Show that you understand the concepts and arguments presented in the assignedreading. Leave no doubt that you have completed a close reading of the text and usequotes, details, or evidence to support your points.- Have a clear thesis and argument. Rather than just summarizing the reading you have tomake a clear stand on how you feel about the reading.- Be thoughtful, clear, and convincing. You will NOT be graded on your opinion. It is ok todisagree with the articles author, your fellow students, and with the professor. However,your posts should not simply state your opinions but should provide evidence and logicalarguments to support your view. 6- Go beyond the obvious; make connections among the class topic, readings, and yourexperiences. Your post should not simply summarize the assigned reading. The best postsinclude new, complex ideas and perspectives.- Use standard academic English (i.e. complete sentences, capitalization, and conventionalspellings).