Referral Process for ELL’s

Part 1: Research the specific referral process in your state in order for LEP students to qualify for ESL or bilingual services. Compare it to the more general process explored in the course text. Whats the same? What is different?
Part 2: Choose one culture of students that you are likely to serve in your classroom that is different from your own cultural background. Research specific ways that you can best teach and reach students from the cultural background you choose. To help get you started there are several scholarly articles in the appendices of this course that can be used as a jumping off point. You will need to provide additional credible sources for your research.

State your grade and content area of licensure. 2nd grade 
How will you meet the needs of the English learners from the cultural and linguistic background you choose?
How can you create an inclusive classroom environment?
Are there suggestions you can implement from the book you read for section 1 of this course?
Discuss some instructional approaches you can use. Make sure to include some approaches that are specific to your content area.