Reflection on Purpose Journal 2

NC-DHHS (North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services)
DCDEE (Division of Child Development and Early Education)
EESLPD (Early Educator Support Licensure and Professional Development)
NC FELD (North Carolina Foundations of Early Learning and Development)
Chapter 9 – Child Care Rules – section .3000
NC DPI (North Carolina Department of Public Instruction)

RALC (Regional Alternative Licensing Centers)
Local Education Agency (LEA)


History of B-K Teacher Licensure

More at Four
NC Pre-K

Secondary Admissions requirements and reciprocity
Teacher Licensure (birth-kindergarten (B-K))
Preschool Add-On Continuing Licensure

This assignment gives you an opportunity to reflect on the purpose and outcomes of birth-kindergarten teacher licensure in North Carolina.
The Assignment
Respond to the following journal entry topics:After reviewing the websites provided in the reading assignments and lecture narrative, determine the purpose of the birth-kindergarten teacher licensure in North Carolina. In your journal entry, comment on the information presented on the websites. Summarize how this information compares to your prior knowledge of the purpose and outcomes of birth-kindergarten teacher licensure. Did you discover new information? Reflect on your insights and understanding of this information.

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Acceptable Length
To fully reflect and make meaningful connections to the information, this journal entry should be at least one page in length or 200 words.
Grading Criteria
Your assignment submission will be evaluated using this rubric:  Journal Grading Rubric (MS Word) Journal Grading Rubric (MS Word) – Alternative Formats (opens in a new download window)