Reflection paper – Gendered Bodies

NO CITATIONS- personal reflection

We live in a gendered society. Whether or not we are consciously and actively aware of how gender shapes our every day lives, we each participate in performing and/or resisting gender norms and expectations on a regular basis. 
Our gender and specifically our individual experiences of our gender is further influenced by our class, ethnicity/ race, ability, national origin, religion, sexual identity and countless other social and cultural categories.
Directions: Reflect on your individual lived experiences of your gender.  In your paper, think about answering some of the following questions:

Consider what stands out to you the most when you think about how you understand and/or have experienced your gender identity in your life.
How has your gender identity shaped your worldview? 
How has your understanding of gender shifted or changed since you were a child.
How has your understanding of gender allowed you to better understand the prevailing social and political dynamics in the US?
What is it about your claimed gender identity that is reaffirming and comfortable?  What is alienating and uncomfortable?

Write a three to four page paper based on your individual experiences and insight related to your gender identity.
Important Note:
Do not do any research or additional reading. Do not use material from scholarly sources or information found on the web. A bibliography or a works cited page is not needed since you will not be citing material in this paper. This is a reflection paper that focuses on your personal experiences and insights.