Reflection Paper on Navigating the Heteronormitivity of the Engineering Workplace

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Assignment 4:  Reflection on reading, presentation, video, and discussion of LGBTQ+ colleagues. Due by the end of the quarter.
Self-directed viewing or Group participation CLASS 2, 9 am to 12 noon
Write several paragraphs or pages on these reflections regarding the LGBTQ colleagues in the engineering workplace and in the world.
-the paper Navigating Heteronormitivity in Engineering,  read before watching videos
                              BookScanCenter.pdf.     Article

-class workshop with Dr. Ray Plaza, Assistant Director of Office of Diversity & Inclusion
                              BookScanCenter (1).pdf
.  Ray’s Handouts to use while viewing workshop
-video on The Biology of Gender Identity:  Emerging Concepts
                              SMR Santa Clara Gender Justice Biology of Gender 110817 copy.pdf handouts 

-class workshop with our special guest Dianne Mirra, School of Engineering Masters in Civil Engineering
The purpose of this assignment is to recount:
What have you learned about yourself, your LGBTQ colleagues and your other colleagues, family, and society? 
Were you aware of the polarization of social and technical?  See page 4
How do you anticipate you will use this understanding in your life and/or to what you are committed to?
What questions or concerns are you left with?
Was this module of the class useful for you?
Write one to three paragraphs (or more if you want) on your learnings and response to the discussion and resources presented in class, as well as your own experience.  What relevance does this paper and discussion have for you in your work and life?