Reflective Writing Journal

What is Reflective Writing?
Reflective writing is a method of developing critical thinking. It requires looking back at what you learned by first describing the
information and interpreting and relating the facts to gain new insights. The goal is to evaluate the impact of this knowledge to
benefit ones future behavior and thinking. Once as student is able to engage in a reflective practice they can also begin to develop
Clinical reasoning to form the basis of sound clinical Judgement.
The student will:
1. Complete an internet search and research the following three terms:
• Critical thinking
• Clinical reasoning
• Clinical judgement
2. Reflect on why you think these terms are important in health care. On a piece of scrap paper write a few of these reasons
3. Watch the following video:
4. Using the D.I.E.P. model, write a 600-700 word reflection. In your document Highlight the description of what happened or
the topic in yellow, the interpretation of the event in red, the evaluation of the usefulness of the information in blue and the
plan for how this information will effect your thinking or behaviour in the future in green.
5. You may choose 1 of the following topics for your reflective journal:
a. Theories of development
b. Evolutionary perspective of development
c. The interaction of heredity and the environment: The nature /nurture debate
6. Ensure you adhere to all of the directions above, understand the expectations as seen in the attached rubric, as well as the
• Make the document double spaced using a 12 point Arial font.
• Include your name at the top left hand side of the page and the word count at the bottom right hand side of the page.
• Once you have finished your entry, proofread for spelling, sentence structure and grammar.