Regional Security Issues in Latin America

 3. Individually research and prepare a “Draft Action Memo“ for peer review on the specific US national security issue assigned to you by your group. Write from the perspective of an analyst or officer working in the regional bureau of the State Department that covers your region (see this link to identify the different bureaus. (Links to an external site.). 
Assume you are a mid-level officer or analyst within the State Department and your superior officer has asked you to prepare a one-page, UNCLASSIFIED (open source), Action Memo on the issue for the Secretary of State. In writing your response, it will be helpful to consider the issue from the perspective of one or more of the instruments of power identified in chapter 3–Diplomatic, Information/Intelligence, Military, Economic, and/or Law Enforcement.
You are expected to provide a concise but thorough analysis of your regional national security threat issue. At a minimum, your analysis should include the following details:
     a. Issue–briefly describe the issue you will be addressing–Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF), what is the question and your answer;
     b. Background–provide brief background regarding the issue;
     c. Situation–identify the current situation, to include any major policy and/or legal considerations;
     d. Options and Analysis–identify potential options, challenges, and outcomes; and,
     e. Recommendation–provide a clear and concise recommendation regarding how the US, from your agency’s perspective, should proceed.
Formatting–The Action Memo should be one full page in Times New Roman, 12pt font, single-space within paragraphs, double-space between paragraphs. See the following Rubric for grading details, as well as the Sample Action Memo for overall format.
Reference Page–At the end of the memo, on a separate page, list the references (at least 3 sources) you used in researching the issue (these can include the textbook, other books, articles, government websites, or think tank research, but not Wikipedia). Use any formal format as long as I can clearly identify the author, title, and publication. (In an actual memo you would not include your references but would merely have them available if asked.) 

National Security Issue is: Advancing Democracy and Human RIghts in Latin America