remdesivir compared to hydroxychloroquine for COVID patients and reduction in ICU length of stay

Using the quantitative research question:
In adultsdiagnosed with COVID 19, what is the effect of the antiviral medicationtreatment of remdesivir in comparison to hydroxychloroquine on reducedintensive care unit length of stay? 

Write a synthesized literature review. Synthesize a minimum of12 research articles. Use the TEMPLATE (in the attachment) for the resources/articles (also attached).

You are not presenting everything about each study that you haveread. Rather, present only the parts of the articles/studies which areapplicable to your study.
1.  Begin with an introduction section (Example: This is a review ofthe literature and research findings related to the perception of nursing as acall or as a choice by those who have been registered nurses over varying lengthsof time.), and follow with sections and subsections (entitled specific to yourproblem), according to the rubric below.
2.  KEY: This is NOT an annotated bibliography, rather it isa synthesized presentation of the most recent and classic studies addressingyour question focus, written in a scholarly manner.