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Waiting for the right moment and do the right things

The author exemplified several historical facts combined with data, pointing out that it is naive for those who believe developed countries will eventually help developing countries. First, the Free Trade and laissez-faire industrial policy advocated by developed countries slowed the growth of developing countries rather than accelerated it. More than that, those developed countries closed the path that drew them into their current unshakable position. Therefore, the author suggested that developing countries need to make their voices and actively reput the Infant Industry Promotion on the desk.
However, Chang’s opinion required considering the current situation to be practically meaningful. In the environment of visible mutual confrontation between superpowers, the US, China, and Russia, those developing countries cannot directly reput those active interventions on their infant industries. Otherwise, they put themselves at risk of breaking down the fragile balance between superpowers, especially the COVID-19 played as a catalyst on time. Developing countries have the motives of giving infant industry promotion but barely have the choice. They have limited options of either supporting the free trade system to immediately exchange some tangible benefits from the US in giving up long-term opportunities. Or they can do it secretly, waiting for upcoming sanctions when the US encloses the current mutual confrontation.
In conclusion, at least one thing is clear: those developing countries seek development rather than sanctions. And they will need to make their decision on time, even though no one knows what kind of decision and when is the appropriate time.

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Required reading: Chang, H.-J. (2003). Kicking away the ladder: Infant industry promotion in historical perspective. Oxford Development Studies, 31, 21-32.