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 1.   In my opinion, I think it is important to allow children to learn on their own through allowing children to have a power of choice. For example, if the teacher has several project options, than the student can choose which project they want to do and choose how they want to complete the project (Ferlazoo, 2015). Also, students can have journals and can write about what they have learned that week and it will help them in their future learning. Or the students could have a group discussion once or twice a week about how the learning material effects their lives. In my opinion, in order for students to learn on their own, they have to be given independence and allowed to make choices in the classroom. Classmates, can independence help children to learn on their own?
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2.     Teachers can encourage students to properly advocate for their own learning by helping them realize their strengths and weaknesses and their past successes and failures. Students will be happy when they succeed and sad when they fail, so the teachers need to learn these past situations to help them better in the classroom (Ormrod & Jones, 2018). Also, by identifying the student’s strengths and weaknesses you can help see what the student needs to work on or concepts that they are already exceeding in. Both ideas help them advocate for their own learning because when the teacher knows these things, they can motivate them into the right direction. Teachers showing even a little direction or motivation towards the students can ignite something in them to want to succeed for not only themselves, but for the rest of the people in their lives.
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