The Condition of Education Report
The Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) has created a website called The Condition of Education presenting key indicators to describe education at all levels in the United States. Explore some key findings of their most recent report.
Visit and click on the Condition of Education Report 2021. Explore Topic Indicators to address these questions:
1. Click on Populations Characteristics and Educational Outcome. What is educational attainment? How would you describe the difference in employment rates of those with a bachelor’s degree or higher compared to one with high school completion? What is the approximate difference in employment rates?
2. Back at the initial site, click on Preprimary, Elementary and Secondary Education. How have the local and state contributions to public schools changed over the years? Hint- You are looking for revenue sources.

3. Scroll down to the map of the United States, Figure 3. This chart shows the level of state funding for public education. Which states are providing the greatest rate of state support for K–12 education? The least? Do the results surprise you? Do the states that seem to provide more support have better schools, in your way of thinking?
4.  What are the implications of these trends for policy makers?
Return to the initial report and click on Postsecondary, then Completions and Graduation Rates.
5. Why is this important to policy makers seeking to expand access to college and concerns with college debt?