Write a research Question:
1-Background Information: Provide a brief overview of your chosen health problem . Identify the population(s) 
at risk with respect to the public health issue ortrend and substantiate your claims with research. 
2-Describe the literature Review: Provide a summary of the literature that informedyour project 
3-.Describe and state research Question: Craft your research question with respect toits relationship to 
an emergent topic , target population, and location. 
4. Methodology Analysis: This area addresses the methodology you will use for thisresearch. This is where you will discuss the type of study or design that informed yourmethodology. Describe the population, sample size, and location, and themethodology aligned to your research question. What ethical issues are pertinent toyour research and the timeline. 
5- Statistical Data Analyses: This area addresses the statistical data analyses you willemploy. Describe the methodology 
6-Conclusions: Discuss the limitations to your research with respect to the needs of thestudy, use beyond this study, and your resources and why is this research important toand need in reference to the known literature.

7- Reference: APL style