research outline

This is the third of four activities toward the semester-long Research Project.  For part 3, you will complete an APA formatted Outline.  

This assignment will help you continue thinking about the final research paper due in Module 5. It is time to start organizing the concepts and your ideas into a logical order for your final paper. Writing an outline is beneficial for many reasons, but the main benefit is to help you organize your thoughts, ideas and material to show a hierarchical relationship of your material and to provide a logical ordering of information. This is advantageous because when it is time to write your final paper, your ideas and material are organized and grouped together to provide a helpful map for you to follow. 

Before You Get Started:

Review the Final research paper directions again so you understand what the final research paper will need to include.   

Brainstorm: List all the ideas, concepts, theories, research you have completed, information from the required video, etc. that you want to include in your paper. Add them all to a sheet of paper.  

Organize: Group related ideas together. Start to look at what concepts, theories, ideas, video material do you want to group together. What information are you going to begin addressing in your paper? Where in your paper do you want to discuss the video? What research, studies and experiments have you found and where are you going to discuss this in your paper? 

Order: Arrange material in subsections from general to specific or from abstract to concrete. Start to think about the order in which to arrange the material. What is more general information that will be main topics and what are specific concepts? 

Label: start to think about your main and sub headings and start putting roman numerals for the larger main headings. Decide which subtopics will be organized underneath these main topics and start to label these subtopics as capitalized letters, and then further subtopics with Arabic numerals and lowercase letters.  

Now you are ready to create the outline.


 Complete an APA formatted Outline:  Choose one of these types of outlines 

Alphanumeric outline: uses roman numerals, capitalized letters, Arabic numerals and lowercase letters.
Full sentence outline: same as alphanumeric outline, but with full sentences on prejudice and racism in our modern society, and what general concepts you will introduce into your paper.
Decimal outline: similar in format to the alphanumeric outline. The added benefit is a system of decimal notation that clearly shows how every level of the outline relates to the larger whole.

Submit the Outline to the Outline Research project Assignment Folder.

See the Outline Research Project Rubric for more grading information under Rubric tools.