research paper

Based on the materials shared during the course, the group work and personal research, write a reflective write-up on how luxury hotels can take advantage of Blockchain. The analysis should include an assessment of the risks, costs and benefits involved. It is recommended to use an analytical framework reviewed in class. The students should assert a critical view on the question and balance pros and cons to the topic. The paper should start from a state of the art and go beyond and future proof Blockchain initiatives in the luxury hospitality industry.
Questions to ask yourselves: In the process of producing your analysis, you should ask yourselves the following questions: –
 Which processes can be streamlined through Blockchain ? – 
Which process is the most likely to be streamlined with Blockchain in the coming year ? 
– How big is the addressable market ?
 – What are single points of failure ? 
– Why should Blockchain be applied in this case ?
 Is this just a gimmick or is there value ?
 – What are the benefits of Blockchain ? – 
What are the obstacles to implementation ?