Research Project Assignment 2 Research Project Prompt and Rubric Write a 3-5-page

Research Project Assignment 2
Research Project Prompt and Rubric
Write a 3-5-page research paper (in APA format/single spaced) on quantitative methodology with specific reference to the SURVEY approach.
This been a research paper, means that in addition to your textbooks, you are required to include at least 3 other scholarly research work.
The research projects in this course are NOT regular research papers, where you study something and write about it. These papers are empirical research papers that are directed toward teaching you a specific methodology.
Topic survey on : 62 years old elder, exercise regularly and health.
Research Rubric
Section 1
Talk broadly about quantitative methodology—what, how, why, when, and where. Next analyze this methodology and why you have chosen it for your research. State what the advantages and disadvantages of this methodology are. Then guide your readers as to where you are going with the paper. For example, tell your readers about your research topic, and your hypothesis or research question. Let your readers know your rationale for starting with a research question as opposed to a research hypothesis or vice versa.
Also tell your reader your research aim, purpose, and significance.
Next, let your readers know that you will be using surveys as your methodological approach to collecting data for this project. Again, tell your readers why surveying is preferred as opposed to interviews or observations and vice versa.
Talk broadly about surveys as a means to collect (social science) data. Let them know the different types of surveys and why you have adopted the type of survey style, you are using in this project. To avoid human subject violations, what do you request from your participants before getting them involved in any research project?
Let readers know how you plan to go about recruiting participants for this research
Tell your readers what research etiquettes are and how you observe those before, during and after your research. (When in doubt, always clarify with the professor before proceeding).
Section 2
Conduct your survey using the survey style you have chosen in the first section. Survey at least 10 persons for this paper. (Send out more surveys than you need because not everyone will respond).
In this section, describe the survey instrument, the participants, and the survey process.
Section 3
Once surveys are retrieved, compile the data
Analyze and interpret your data
Section 4
Results (Include graphs, tables etc.).
And recommendations
Attachments (Not a part of page requirement for the paper)
Survey Instrument
Survey spread sheet or Excel.
Signed consent form.
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