Research topic: How Parental Incarceration Harms Children

In the previous two units, you identified a proposal topic for your research project, developed an overview of your proposal, and learned how to conduct a literature review of scholarly sources about your topic. This assignment is Part 3 of your research project.
In this activity, you will begin to narrow the focus of your research project topic through understanding and application of principles of research measurement. This work will prepare you to identify and articulate the underlying concept(s) for your research topic and articulate how measurement informs the process by which research seeks to learn and know about the topic.
Your finished product will be in the form of a paper that details the process you followed, examining important considerations of measurement and other criteria that show how you determined which measurement factors are most likely to benefit your project and why.
For this assignment, you will prepare a paper that includes the following:
• An Introduction and Conclusion of your paper.
• Introduction to Measurement: Provide an introduction that fully reflects how measurement principles inform and shape your research topic.
• Basic Concepts: Describe how measurement principles help to conceptualize and operationalize your research topic and explain why.
• Precision and Accuracy Factors: Describe reliability and validity factors supporting precision and accuracy for your research topic and explain why.
• Your paper should be three (3) pages in length, with additional cover and reference pages, and page numbers included.

• The essay should be double-spaced, written in 12 point Times New Roman font, and use a 1- inch margin.
• Include at least two (2) scholarly resources with all references and in-text citations properly formatted in APA.
• Use complete sentences and appropriate grammar and spelling.