Respond to at least two of your classmates initial postings. Participate in the discussion

Respond to at least two of your classmates initial postings. Participate in the discussion by asking a question, providing a statement of clarification, providing a point of view with a rationale, challenging an aspect of the discussion, or indicating a relationship between two or more lines of reasoning in the discussion. Cite sources in your responses to other classmates Student Initial posting 1 :The Constitution of the United States provides for a separation of power between the three branches of the government, legislative, executive, and judicial. The executive branch consists of the President, Vice President and Cabinet members and these individuals are responsible for carrying out the laws of the United States. The President of the United States is known as the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, he can execute and enforce the laws of Congress and has the power to sign laws and veto laws (The Executive Branch, n.d.). The governor is the Chief Executive Office of the states, oversees the laws of the states, and can veto proposed laws. The governor appoints judges of the state, the President appoints judges of the Supreme Court. The President can pardon an individual, declare amnesty, and declare war or peace. The President and the Governor are both leaders, one is the head of the nation while the other is the head of the state. They both can make executive decisions and are both elected via an electoral college. There are several nursing organizations devoted to advocacy in the benefit of public health. For over the past year, the world has been dealing with the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. Nurses have been at the forefront of advocacy for public health in relation to the virus. Nurses have been providing education related to the virus and strongly encouraging individuals to get vaccinated. The American Nurses Association has worked with members of the Congress to ensure the use of evidence-based guidelines are at the forefront of nursing care being provided, mask mandates, social distancing, and adequate testing for all (ANA Response, n.d.). The American Public Health Association is another organization that is advocating for the health of the public in a variety of ways including asking Congress to protect the publics health from changes in the climate, controlling disease, access to healthcare for all, and efforts to eliminate disparities in healthcare (Advocacy for Public Health, 2021). Advocating for others is a huge aspect of what a nurse does, especially for those who are the most vulnerable. The Institute of Medicine reports examines the world of nursing and recommends changes that should occur to in response to the diversification and changes in patients. One of the recommendations that stands out is nurses engaging in a lifetime of learning (The Future of Nursing, 2010). Healthcare is forever evolving, and it is extremely important to continue to evolve along with the field and to learn better and more efficient ways to provide care. I commit to continuing to educate myself through involvement in organizations, participating in workshops and events, and maintaining the competencies needed to be an effective provider. Another recommendation is the promotion of diversity (Assessing Progress, 2015). Promoting diversity is a goal of mine through precepting and mentoring individuals. The healthcare field can be extremely intimidating and as an FNP student, it can be very difficult to find preceptors. By providing an open invitation to precept individuals in a variety of backgrounds in the future, will be do how I do my part in promoting diversity. Also, I would like to one day start a scholarship in the field of nursing for minority students to help with he cost of education.

Student Initial posting 2 :Q 1The constitution distinctively defines the roles of the president and governors in the United States.According toOlivia (2011),thepresident is the head of the nationelected to serve the country in a maximum of two terms. The president is also the commander in chief of the armed forces. Also, he has the power to pass the legislation approved by Congress into laws or reject them. The president has the capabilities to enact executive orders even though they cannot dissolve Congress.Theconstitution allows thepresident to appoint supreme court judges after they are vetted and approved by the senate.The president can only sign or veto the budget in its entirety.On the other hand, the governor is the head of a stateand has constitutional powers to appoint judges. The people of the state elect the governor to serve afour-yearterm.The governor finalizes the budget of the state and can reduce or eliminate budget appropriations. Q2 Examples of how public health benefitted from the advocacy provided by nurses are: sharing relevant information about health care costs with the communityleaders and elected officials, giving information about resources available in the community, improving health care facilities and services in schools, and establishing public forums to share expertise.Nurses can persuade those in authority to make economic advancements that influence the health sector(University of Southern California, 2021). Q3 The IOM report made various recommendations important for any Advanced Practice Nurse(Academic Progression in Nursing, n.d.). I would utilize and implement thereport by adhering to the recommendations.For instance, I would fully partner with physicians and otherhealth professions to redesign the system.Also, I would ensure that workforce planning and policymaking are effective.The report recommends that nurses must practice according to their level of education and training.

References have to be 5 years or less. Thank you

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