Review: Petroleum Fluids

Instructions:  Review: Petroleum Fluids
1.     Reflect on the presentation, as well as the attached chapter readings.  Please use the attached chapter readings for referencing and citing. Type responses under the questions.  Your responses must be substantive.
2.     Format: Use complete sentences and proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.  If the question asks you to “list”, then you may use bullet points.  If the question asks you to “List and describe”, then you are to use complete sentences.
3.     All referencing and citing must follow SPE style.  SEE LINK TO THE SPE STYLE GUIDE FOR REFERENCE AND CITATION INFORMATION.
1. List the five classifications of petroleum reservoir fluids. Describe them based on their chain alkanes content.
2. Define formation volume factor (FVF)? Why is it important? What is a typical FVF for black oil? What is the typical FVF for volatile oil? (This question has four subparts.)
3.  Define solution gas-oil ratio and provide correct units (spell them out).  
4.  What are engineered fluids? What are they used for? What are they made of? (This question has three subparts.)