Rhetorical Essay

Write a 500 – 700-word critical
rhetorical analysis in which you evaluate the rhetorical strategies of
one of the scholarly articles

essay should:

– Summarize the scholarly article,
explain the author’s purpose, and explain who the intended audience is
for the scholarly article (Here you want to use the reading with the
grain approach.)

-Analyze how well the author establishes their credibility and trustworthiness (ethos)

– Analyze how well, or to what extent, the author uses reliable sources and/or methods (ethos and/or logos)

– Analyze how well the author treats their opposition fairly (ethos and/or logos)

– Analyze how well the author creates a logical structure for their argument (logos)

– Analyze how well the author appeals to the readers’ values and/or emotions


Start with a title—not just a subject
heading (yes, your essay deserves an informative title that will also
invite us to keep reading) followed by an introduction in which you
introduce us to the author, article (including the title, publication
date, and type of journal in which it is published), give a brief
summary of the article, explain the author’s purpose, and include your
evaluative thesis.  What connections can you create between these
different sections of your introduction so that you do not just list
bits of information? 

– Body paragraphs

For your first body paragraph, offer a more comprehensive summary of the article’s main points.

Your subsequent body paragraphs are
where you support your thesis using evidence from the scholarly
article.  When using a quotation, give your reader some context for the
quotation, e.g., what is the main point of the paragraph from which the
quotation comes?  Be sure to explain how the quotation supports the
point you are making.

– Conclusion

Help your readers better understand how
the ideas in your body paragraph work together in support of your
evaluative thesis.  This is not simply restating what you have said. 
Instead, you are helping us connect the ideas—your analysis in the
different paragraphs—so that we understand how they work together.  If
appropriate, this is where you can discuss what would improve the

I already have the source that I want my essay on : https://web-s-ebscohost-com.proxylib.csueastbay.edu/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=1&sid=524beb3e-0787-4994-94dc-301be6a8e7b8%40redis