Risk Management Plan

The company that you will be HR manager of is target.

Please write a 1 page essay 

Deliverable for Phase II: Assume the executives of your organization are interested in HR’s approach to risk mitigation with regard to legal and ethical workplace situations. Begin to research best practices regarding legal, ethical, safety, environmental, cultural, political, and financial factors in the workplace.
To accomplish this, you will need to compare and contrast two case studies of your choice. Consider what each company’s strengths and weaknesses are. Compose a 1-page comparison and contrast of the case studies, identifying HR strengths and weaknesses regarding legal and ethical workplace situations. Utilize what you’ve learned in Modules 1-7, as well as from your textbook and other assigned readings, to identify, evaluate, and present sound approaches to risk mitigation associated with legal and ethical decision making in HR.

It is suggested that during week 8 you begin to prepare for the final project. To do this, review the critical task prompt and rubric for phase 3. Use the following bullet points to guide your initial research. Begin to draft your risk mitigation plan. Your final paper will need to be a minimum of 10 pages.

What ethical and legal risks are identified in your case studies?

How can HR mitigate the ethical and legal risks identified in your case studies?

How are federal and state workplace laws influenced or impacted by society, culture, politics, health, safety, and security?

How may your company’s CSR sustainability plan mitigate risks and maximize profits for shareholders? How important is societal support for your
CSR plan?

What factors need to be considered when a company communicates to the public?