Risk Perception for Depression

Essay 1: Can risk perception be wrong?Apply the different theories of risk perception to the perception of your chosen risk (list ofselected risks provided in class) to explain whether and why risk perception can be wrong.
Additional questions that help answer the Essay question: 
Can risk perception be wrong? What could be influencing risk perception? Shouldsome ways of perceiving some given risk be corrected? How?
Can perception of a given risk be wrong, incorrect? If no, does that mean it is purelysubjective, just a matter of opinion? If yes, how do we know when it is incorrect? Can it beimproved and How?Note that in this section of the course, we are not talking about risk, but about perception ofrisk. It is the perception of risk that we are interested in; what do we mean by perception ofrisk, how is risk perceived, what influence this perception, can this perception be wrong? 

Doesn’t say how many sources, but at least some.
In-text citations and works cited.
Have to turn in via turnitin.com so 15% or less similarity.As much as possible your own words, and simple, plain sentences.Avoid technical terms and jargon.
Most instruction will be on the Essay 1 pdf