Roles of a Project manager

you will prepare apaper as though you were submitting it to a journal or for a conference topersuade or inform an audience of some professional topic of interest. Thesetypes of papers must usually be formatted per specific instructions, such asthose given below. Here are a few important details: 

(1)METHOD OF SUBMISSION: Electronic; papers are to besubmitted in Word format in the corresponding assignment section ofBlackboard. Do not email me drafts for review and feedback. Suchemails will not receive a response. Papers must be self-contained; thatis, do not submit Excel or other files as supporting information. 

(2)TOPIC: Roles of a Project ManagerIdentify and detail the various roles a project manager might playthroughout the life cycle of a project. The type, scope and complexity ofthe project itself may vary, but the essential skills of a successful projectmanager do not! You may share your professional experience as well, butmake sure to cite formal references as well as part of your paper.It is critical that you cite formal resources where you obtained thisinformation (see next section).Some examples to guide your research:- 

(3)LENGTH AND FORMAT:The paper will be a total of 8 pages: 
*Abstract – 1 page long 
*The BODY OF THE PAPER will be 5 full pages long. Thebody of the paper must have all researched ideas cited usingone of your bibliographical sources found it your references(your last sheet). Content less than 5 full pages will result indeduction of points.d*The Bibliography, Cited Works, or References at least 1 pagelong containing a minimum of 5 resources using appropriatelydocumented citations using APA style manual; Do not use thecourse text as one of the 5 sources. It can be used as the 6thresource and beyond. Using less than 5 resources and/orincluding the text as a formal source will result in deduction ofpoints see grading rubric at the end. 

ORGANIZATION OF PAPER: You should include the following sections inyour paper. You may add other sections if you think doing so is appropriate: 
ABSTRACT: Summarize your project (including results) between100 and 300 words. This is a very important section for a journalarticle or conference paper, as most readers will scan the abstract todetermine whether or not they want to read the entire paper. Do notinclude any resource citations within the abstract. Abstract needs to beon its own page. Best practices for writing an abstract: 
INTRODUCTION: State the problem or topic that you areresearching, and describe any prior work that you have found thatrelates to your project. The introduction includes your thesis statementor the major topic you will be discussing.
 MAIN THEME OF PAPER: This is the main body of the paper,where you will describe the data you have collected and analyzed orthe facts about the topic being discussed. If you are utilizing pictures,charts or images, note that they do not count toward the 5-page limit.In other words, a paper with 3 pages of text and 2 pages of imageswill result in deduction of points for the lack of effective andsubstantive content.