Rough draft

Please review the  again before you submit your rough draft here as a MS Word file. You must have AT LEAST THREE double-spaced pages completed to get credit for the draft, but do remember that the FINAL DRAFT WILL NEED TO BE AT LEAST FOUR PAGES. It is to your advantage to also have your works cited page done at the rough draft stage, so I can give you feedback on that, too.
Here is a with tips about how to use source material in a documented paragraph (the quote burger structure).
Here is a , not for this assignment but for a different assignment. You can look at this essay to get a sense of the formality of the writing and the general structure of the paragraphs and works cited page.
At the top of your MS Word file, please ask me any specific questions you have about your draft so far. This is important if you want specific feedback.
Also remember that you can ALWAYS schedule more office hour time with me. I’m absolutely willing to go through your rough draft with you, but you need to schedule time with me (or stop by my office during office hours) so we can go over it together. Together is the key word.