Overview: Continuing from your Milestone Two, you will move to the next phases of CRISP-DM: Modeling and Evaluation. These phases begin the iterative stepsof CRISP-DM where you model, evaluate results, and then iterate on any of the prior phases of Business Understanding, Data Understanding, or DataPreparation to make decisions about how to adjust the model based on results. This is a continuous loop of iterations until a final design is determined. 

Prompt: In this milestone, you begin with describing what model you will be using and what your expected results are prior to running the model. Run the modeland capture your notes and outputs. In a systematic method, define the change and expected result and run the model. Continue this method until afinal model has been determined. In this milestone, include your test iteration discussion and results, which support your final model design. Use chartsand statistical model output to support your model.Implementing your revised data analytic plan in the third milestone will prepare you for completing the first capstone component, the data analytic presentation.In the third milestone, you will summarize the implementation of your revised plan.The draft should include any artifacts (e.g. graphs and tables) that describe the results of the process: data quality information, description of data structure,statistics generated by model building steps, and a discussion of the final model. Submit this draft to your instructor for feedback.