see attachedthe 3 tables need to be from tablue programif theres somone who can

see attached

the 3 tables need to be from tablue program

if theres somone who can do a simple table or i can do the tables and somone can do the writing and i can build 3 graphs on tab according to the solution the personwriting can identify * i wouold say 500to 1000 words

Data analysis and insights 77 unread replies.77 replies. This assessment involves applying data analytic and visualisation techniques learnt throughout the course to address practical business problems. The ability to synthesise large amounts of data into information that is insightful and easily accessible enables users to form insights faster and make better decisions. Regardless of your background, knowing how to visualise data to tell a story and to interpret and probe visual representations, increases your value as a future business leader. Task This assessment comprises a case study and dataset. Based on these materials, you are required to prepare a presentation of no more than six minutes in duration. The presentation is to be given to senior management of the case firm. You may structure the presentation however you wish, but it must include: an outline of the problem(s) key findings from data analyses addressing the problem(s) recommendations for what the firm should do to address the problem(s) a brief discussion of what further data sources and additional analyses would be useful for gaining greater insight into the problem(s) at least three separate visualisations.
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