Selecting and Interpreting Inferential Statistics

Respond to the following short answer questions from Chapter4 in the Morgan, Leech, Gloeckner, & Barrett textbook:

D4.5.1 Compare and contrast abetween-groups design and a within-subjects design.
D4.5.2. What information aboutvariables, levels, and design should you keep in mind in order to choose anappropriate statistic?
D4.5.3. Provide an example of astudy, including the variables, level of measurement, and hypotheses, for whicha researcher could appropriately choose two different statistics to examine therelations between the same variables. Explain your answer.
D4.5.6. What statistic would youuse if you wanted to see if there was a difference between three ethnic groupson math achievement? Why?
D4.5.8. What statistic would youuse if you had one independent variable, geographic location (North, South,East, West), and one dependent variable (satisfaction with living environment,Yes or No)?
D4.5.9. What statistic would youuse if you had three normally distributed (scale) independent variables (weightof participants, age of participants, and height of participants), plus onedichotomous independent variable (academic track) and one dependent variable(positive self-image), which is normally distributed?
Explain your answer.

Morgan, G., Leech, N., Gloeckner, G., Barrett, K. (2020). IBM SPSS for Introductory Statistics (5th Ed.). New York, NY