self assessment

Report #1: Self-Leadership Study
1.     Describe the purpose of the report (Include a brief explanation why a self-study is important.). (This is section one)
2.     Identify and briefly describe five reasons why you think you have leadership potential. (This is section two)
3.     Identify and describe three reasons other people think you have leadership potential. (This is section three)
4.     Provide examples of three different situations which demonstrate that you have leadership potential. Explain. (This is section four)
5.     Identify and briefly describe four issues that hold you back from being more successful in your job, etc. (This is section 5).
6.     Identify and describe strategies for dealing with each of the issues mentioned in section 5. (This is section 6)
7.     Identify and describe five personal values that guide your behavior at work, school and among friends. (This is section 7)
What are your conclusions? (This is section 8; do NOT write a summary