Self Assessment

Youll need to write at least a  2-page self-assessment essay. 
The two-page self-assessment is extremely important because it provides you with the opportunity to discuss particulars to describe your writing abilities and process.  Specifically, you should discuss the evolution of the works in the portfolio and how  you went about preparing them, what changes you made and what effects you were trying to achieve.  In short, you will be conducting me on a tour of the representative works you want me to evaluate as evidence of your growth as a college writer.  Reference to and analysis of particulars are vital to this effort.
With this self-assessment essay, you may take several approaches
1) argue for a grade on the portfolio or in the class. 
2) discuss your use of ethos, pathos and logos in the writing you’ve done, evaluating your rhetorical effectiveness,  
3) describe what you learned about your writing process and at what stages you most need to intervene and how you should intervene in order to get your best writing done.

Your portfolio should include 3 pieces of writing, at least 2 of which you’ve done for this class.